Pastel – 11,81 x 7,87 inch – a unique work

As we hug …

I remember our first years together. The first, very first day. Your birth. This unique and scary magic. I gently caress the top of your hand, hold your tiny little foot and I don’t realize yet this huge love that will grow in me as you will in your life on the same beat.

I work so much. And yet it is always me who gives you the bath, feeds you. And the morning bottle, my favorite. But time goes by, the reality of life takes over. The worries, the weariness. And this little sunshine right beside me, waiting for hugs.

No more nannies, the school takes over. My first tears, you grow up. Both, a sealed destiny. But do I really know your thoughts? A hard to settle complicity,year after year.

We make plans but not all of them will see the light. One day, will I go to New York with you? Oh yes, five incredible days. See Venice before the water drowned it? Two sweethearts pacing up and down the city, stracciatellas, pizzas, churches and paintings. Weekend in Rome? No, not this trip.

Farewell the primary school and welcome to college. Theater, friends, karate. They were your own experiences, not mines. The gap is growing gradually.

The high school years caught me. The authenticity got sophisticated. The orientation must infiltrate but there are so many paths possible. What have I missed all these years?

A smile, a laugh, late-night discussions, debates on authority. Implicit feeling and emotion, you unfold your wings my angel. Your first sorrows, your successful exams, your generosity, to make things short, do I really deserve you?

Then the university, my heart stopped beating. These are the very last years. My head will burst, my regrets on the ground will drown and my memories to the sky will fly away. Show me the way to remember those seconds fading away? To hold your breath? Freeze right in front of you and merge to capture the few moments we still have together.

I have so many things to tell you, so many words to express the love that tights me, makes me happy.

As we hug …