Month: January 2021

The Seagull

Oil on canvas – 11,81 x 9,45 inch – Unique work

While Paul is lying on the beach, he starts to think, he starts to dream. Then, a familiar sound pulls him out of his soft sleepiness. And what’s this sound? The one that spreads on the seashore; the one that recalls holidays; the one that wakes up in the morning … the one of the seagulls. They are there, swirling, just above his head.

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Oil on canvas – 11,81 x 15,75 inch – Unique work

While the weather is magnificent on the Semnoz plateau, a few miles above Annecy, in Haute-Savoie, Rosalie decides to fall flat on her side to fully enjoy the tremendous landscape right in front of her.

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Roy story

Oil on canvas – 15,75 x 11,81 inch – Unique work

This is the coming together of an Australian Shepherd puppy and me!

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