Month: September 2019


Oil on canvas – 9,45 x 7,48 inch – Unique work

Once upon a time there was a bright star, a lot, so much brighter than all the others in her family. Her parents, surprised, asked their parents, who in turn asked theirs and so on for generations back. In the end? No appropriate answer. For no apparent reason. They had to deal with this characteristic.

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Lemon tart

Oil on canvas – 8,66 x 10,63 inch – Unique work

Damn, I just broke my fruit basket. A legacy of my great grandmother. I don’t know what happened. I wanted to take it out of the buffet. My cell phone rang. And as I am desperate for a potential phone call, an answer regarding a future exhibition in an art gallery in New York. My fingers are crossed. I must admit it would mean the world to me.

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