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Glass of water and coffee maker

Inspired by Jean Siméon Chardin (1699 – 1779) – Glass of water and coffee maker (around 1760) – oil on wood – 12,99 x 16,14 inch

Léontine is very busy this morning. She has to prepare dinner for her whole family visiting the surroundings for a few days.

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This is my prayer

Inspired by Albrecht Dürer (1471-1528) – Hands study (1506) – Oil on canvas – 10,63 x 8,66 inch

A life to start, it seems so …

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Some noise in the cellar

Oil on wood – 19,68 x 25,59 inch – Unique work

Marion has just unpacked her last box. Another move but this time it’s for good! She fell in love with this little house in a small village in central France. Tomorrow night, her best friends will join her for the weekend and give her a hand for the garden. She has always lived in a town and in a flat, so managing a lawnmower is a real challenge for her.

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Oil on wood – 21,26 x 28,34 inch – Unique work

Mrs Peacock is late. She was trapped in the usual Saturday night’s traffic jams around Paris. She has to go to the Colonel Mustard’s property in the depths of Essonne. It’s a ritual. A meeting of former criminology students held annually on the anniversary date of graduation.

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The Bells

Oil on wood – 10,63 x 7,48 inch – Unique work

My beautiful gipsy, my lover
Hear the bells above us
We deeply loved each other
Thinking none could see us

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The magic Christmas ball

Oil on wood – 10,63 x 7,48 inch – Unique work

Estelle can’t get to sleep. Her mom told her a story that was intriguing, interesting and terrifying. It is the story of the magic Christmas ball. The one that is golden with red flowers and green leaves on the top and lights up at night.

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The red soldier

Oil on wood – 7,48 x 10,63 inch – Unique work

Like every year, Peter, the red soldier, finds himself stuck there for the whole month of December.

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The world according to Charles

Inspired by Albert Anker (1831-1910) – Still nature with coffee and brandy glass (around 1870-1880) – Oil on canvas – 12,99 x 18,11 inch

That’s how it goes in the « greater world ». anyways, at my parents’ place, when they have friends or acquaintances for dinner, all from the British aristocracy. « The high society », as my father always says when he takes this inspired look on his face, his eyes half-closed and his chin slightly raised, “the one and truely”, he end s up the discussion which appears to be more like a monologue than a dialogue.

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The Hornette

Oil on canvas – 15,07 x 21,69 – Unique work

Sarah and Quentin will meet at the end of school day on a Friday, just after class. They don’t attend the same high school, so they go to the meeting point on a bike, right at the corner of the main street. Today’s the big day. Sarah is eighteen years old. When all things seem possible. Quentin has to wait three more months. But he’s not in a hurry. He already feels so free in his head, in his movements, in his life in general.

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Cheeky & Company

Oil on canvas – 15,15 x 18,15 inch – Unique work

I really had a terrible day at work. Traffic jams on my drive back home put an end to what was left of my patience and happy face. I’d kill for a glass of white wine, Chablis would be perfect, sitting in my confortable sofa and a cuddling Charly, my favorite ragdoll.

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