Oil on canvas – 14,96 x 18,11 inch – Unique work

The idea came to me one beautiful morning of spring.

As I looked at my bouquet of freshly picked peonies in a beautiful garden of a small house in Conches-sur-Gondoire, a light went on in my mind … Does it ring the bell? It was the story of Peonies 1, 2 and 3. And in Peonies 1, I unveiled the backstage of the Peonies series as follows: the same evening, I was happy to receive a photo of the same peonies from the same garden by the owners and my friends. And a few days later, another one! Both are awesome, impossible for me to choose between one or the other. So the two of them will be part of the series, it’s settled.

I choose to start with the bouquet with the least blooming flowers. Why ? I have no idea but that’s how it is. I start with the leaves. it’s my little habit. Does green appeal to me more? I couldn’t say but often, if not every time, this is how the story begins. And this time, I’ll have to turn up the heat because if I want to give the impression of a blur, I have no other choice but to work in the wet. Fortunately, it’s not 30°!

The goal is to complete the first draft in no more than two days. And yes, my departure on vacation will not wait. So, including the weekend, get to work! After the leaves, I decide to immerse myself in the candy pink. Pink like an English candy, “sweet as candy”! Watch out for values … that’s how I can sculpt the petals and invent unknown shapes. Because now, I confess, I sometimes take the liberty to change the model, the original. Either because I consciously decide to do so, or … it’s the magic that plays!

The first day is over and the project is off to a good start. The next day, I’ll paint the white peonies. I couldn’t say why but for me they are much easier to paint. I speed ahead while taking breaks from time to time. Obviously, the joints sometimes tire. It’s hard life as an artist!

And then, I cut out slowly but surely for a clear background, precise and blurred in places. The idea is to do it all at once. But it’s not always easy. It’s done.