Inspired by Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio (1571-1610) – Fruit basket (around 1593-1594) – Oil on canvas – 14,96 x 18,11 inch

Antoine is late. Again ! He had promised. Is it his fault if a lunatic puts a parcel bomb on the subway? Is it his fault if suddenly his subway line was stopped for an unknown period. Is it his fault if he finally has to go all the way around Paris to reach his destination? No, of course not. He wondered about the possibility of taking a taxi, an uber? And then, he told himself that at this hour, Christmas Eve, freezing rain … He would have lost much more time, for sure..In which bedroom is she? He has no doubt about her being in the cardiology department. He will have to ask a nurse as soon as he arrives on the proper floor. It is so crowded on the platform … as long as his package is not too damaged during the trip … What next? When the microphone sizzles, it’s never good. A completely inaudible voice screams information certainly of high importance but incomprehensible to all the passengers here. The doors open once more and a flow of travelers are desperately trying to enter the already crowded car. Antoine can’t take it anymore. Protect the package, what ever it takes.

When Antoine finally knocks on the door of the bedroom and hears a small familiar voice answer “Come in!”, he is relieved. He would almost burst into tears. Rose is here. Looking pale, obviously, but with a happy face and a cheering smile. When she opens her package, she is so moved. A tear drops imperceptibly, slowly runs down her left cheek. The gift pleases her, it’s obvious. A basket filled with seasonal fruits and brightened by some leaves. Greedy, Rose will feast.

The grandmother and the grandson discuss the young man’s studies, his girlfriend, as shy as pretty, on his next ski vacation in February. A lot of little things that make you forget the everyday life, the illness, the painful treatments, the death roaming. It’s dinner time for Rose. Oh nothing tremendous but she is always looking forward to this moment, eagerly. Not as much tonight, she has company!

When Antoine leaves, looking at the basket, it all comes back to her … Her favorite painting … Caravaggio!