Oil on canvas – 24,01 x 18,11 inch – Unique work

“Once upon a time, in a far far away country, a castle with high towers surrounded by a forest so thick that no one ever ventured there. In these secret places lived a very old man and his daughter with such a white skin and dark hair … “.

– Do these first lines ring the bell to anyone in the assembly here today? Yes ? No ?It is then that a man loudly pushes his chair and raises his arm screaming: “Plagiarism! “.

– And you are?

– Charming, James Charming, whether you like it or not.

– Charming, charming, … like the prince?

– So what ! You didn’t know that his little name was James?

– Absolutely. it’s so ridiculous.

– What did you expect ?

– I don’t know, a name more exotic, more … charming!

– OK. Let’s go back to the beginning of the story, actually I should say fairy tale. Because it’s about a fairy tale, am I right?

– Absolutely. Nevertheless, not just any fairy tale. It’s about Snow White … revisited!

– Revisited! Revisited? But revisited how? Isn’t the current tale enough for you?

– Of course it is, but I wanted to remove the dust a little. How about discussing specific and modern topics, in line with today’s way of life. Something that connects them their day-to-day life. Take, for example, the methods of seduction of the 21st century. Who nowadays still offers a bunch of flowers after the first date?

– Who ?

– Yes, I am asking you, specifically.

– Well I !

– Yes, you tell me. I love stories!

– I remember like it was yesterday. And yet, it seems like an eternity. That day, I had decided to walk through the forest, described as impossible to do so, since my childhood. With my sword and my faithful horse, driven by a clean heart, I advanced bit by bit. Suddenly, a clearing with pure water reflecting her beauty crossed me entirely. I was suffocating. As the fever progressively invaded all my senses, I hastily picked up flowers within my reach: muscaris, orchid smile, tulip, narcissus, iris, rosa cooperi, periwinkle, caltha palustris, mutabilis! Snow.