Watercolor/ Gouache on white paper – 11,81 x 7,87 inch – Unique work

Who said that in New York the city was crisscrossed and that it was impossible to get lost?

Oops, I think it’s me! Okay, so maybe in theory it’s true but in practice, considering that I have no sense of direction …. Everything is possible. But really everything! So here I am, leaving the natural history museum visited along, across and across, my 7 year old daughter, almost under my arm and « en avant Guingamp »!

So one thing leading to another, like this street is nice, to look at this building where the facades are all colorful what if we went for a ride and after we return on our steps? Except that in real life, I never went back. Except that in real life, I really lost myself. Except that in real life, a mother never loses herself and if by any chance … a mom pretends everything is fine.

After four hours in the museum and a couple of hours to turn almost in circles outside, my daughter begins to fell tired and mostly to question me. So, for the umpteenth time, I take back the map in the hands. I turn it in one direction, then in the other. Damn, my daughter understood everything. Her mouth twists, her eyes fog up with tears, her cheeks blush. I crouch down and hold her tightly in my arms. Without a word, we continue our way. The snow has accumulated on the edge of the sidewalks. At the last minute, I start a dizzying rise of grayish melted snowmelt and at that moment a huge man takes my daughter under her armpits and lifts her like a feather so that she does not have to be soaked up to mid calf. I thank him with a smile but he is already gone. Just an angel, passing by.

The guardian angel effect also worked to find my way in this maze of perpendicular streets. When I think about it I have never been very talented in geometry, no wonder! I recognize a store, Macy’s! We went yesterday to buy an adapter plug. Perfect, I can go back to the hotel now. Phew!

I suggest a hot chocolate and giant muffin with blueberries stop to my daughter before returning to our room. Yes!