Charcoal / Red chalk / Watercolor on white paper – 11,81 x 7,87 inch – Unique work

On a beautiful spring morning, Violette got up. An ordinary day? Not quite.

The night before, Violette opened her secretary, took out her most beautiful stationery, her Mont Blanc pen offered by her parents for her twentieth birthday. Then, she quietly settled on the dining room table. It is surprisingly mild. The slightly open window offers scents of Japanese cherry trees planted in a row of onions all along the street. Before starting her writing, Violet goes into the kitchen and plugs the espresso machine. Nothing like a black and strong coffee to relieve nascent migraines, too short nights, aborted projects. Before going to bed, she folded her single sheet into four and then slipped it into a plain white envelope scented with violet, her signature.

So today is the big day. Violet, with no regrets, puts on her most beautiful dress, her little black dress with white dots falling just above her knees. She hesitates for her shoes, and finally, after several tests, opts for black patent pumps with a stiletto heel of a few centimeters.

Outside, it’s a little bit chilly, Violet didn’t take a waistcoat and she shivers along the streets of Manhattan. The way to her rendez-vous is still far away. Either she walks faster to warm up, but with her heels it’s not easy, either she grits her teeth. She chooses, out by spite, the second option.

The streets seem endless. She didn’t anticipate such a distance. Her legs are slowly disappearing. She feels dizzy. To be fair, she hasn’t eaten anything for several days. She can’t swallow anything. She wants to puke all the time.

Finally, she sees it, standing high in the sky: the Empire State Building. It is majestic. Reaching at last the ticket office she holds out money to pay for her entry. The view of the whole city and its buildings is awesome. It’s her favorite spot. She goes up to the observatory of the 102nd floor, it’s safer.

She fills her eyes with all this beauty. Then she looks for someone in the crowd. A trustworthy person to give her her envelope. There she is.

A last smile before jumping …