Inspired by Jean Siméon Chardin (1699 – 1779) – Glass of water and coffee maker (around 1760) – oil on wood – 12,99 x 16,14 inch

Léontine is very busy this morning. She has to prepare dinner for her whole family visiting the surroundings for a few days.

How many will they be? Leontine forgot. A dozen, maybe more or maybe less. What can she do ? Her neighbor, a great hunter, gave her three beautiful wild rabbits the other day. She skinned and emptied them at once. It would be a tremendous dish idea. And as a starter, why not a pumpkin soup? She has a huge one that has grown spontaneously in the garden and is just waiting to be picked. And for dessert ? She has another bright idea. She’s just going to bring out her sour cherries from this spring and bake a galifoutis, a recipe from George Sand. A breathtaking clafoutis!

Léontine got up very early, yet, in spite of everything, she can’t hang out too much. She takes out of the Welsh dresser a glass which she fills with fresh water and a coffee maker. She puts everything nearby for her small thirsts to come.

Suddenly, there’s a knock on the door. It can’t be them already? Oh no, it’s not an option, she has just finished the soup. Panic hits Leontine. She wipes rapidly her hands on her apron and heads for the front door. An icy wind rushes into the hall. No time to say “Mamma mia” Peter, Paul, Jacques, and the others rush inside. There’s probably twenty or so people invading the space of this dear Léontine, completely overwhelmed by the events.

Puzzled, she questions them. She makes herself clear that she is absolutely not ready and that in any way she has just planned one meal. Out of the blue, the whole troop takes the opposite direction towards the exit. So much the better, thinks Leontine immediately. But her relief is short-lived. They are all coming back in a single file, their hands full with food. Surreptitiously, Léontine sees a parma ham, terrines, various vegetables, brioches, fruits, …. A multitude of products …

All the guests passing near Léontine embrace her greedily. Her cheeks turn pink with pleasure. Some are busy putting plates, glasses and cutlery, others to install dishes. As for Leontine, she gloats.

She didn’t touch her glass of water!