Watercolour / Gouache – 5,90 x 7,8 inch – Unique work

I had a wierd and penetrating dream.

I was on a narrow, winding path. A luxuriant vegetation surrounded me. Ferns, pink, white, purple heather, and rhododendrons were lined up as far as my eyes could see. As I went along, the path tightened. At first friendly, then more threatening, the stems scratched my arms, my face and tried to embrace me to freeze me.

My heart was in my mouth. I was running so fast and for so long that I felt sick. I couldn’t get away, I went around in circles and the path always reappeared. It was like a video game that came to an end and started all over again. it was like a puzzle that I had to figure out to save myself. Except that I had no clue. Usually with a hard gut feeling, I found myself hunted and reacting on life instinct. I definitely had to take a break and think.

I could hear some noise, I felt jostled, again. Then a familiar voice whispered something in my ear. But no way I could grab something. I opened my eyes, I saw a white spot moving, a meow maybe, then my eyes closed again and I felt like a burn on my forearms bleeding.

I got up painstakingly to carry on my speed chase. I thought I was saving my life, I thought.

I could hear my name. I turned around and saw red eyes, pointed yellowish teeth, outsized arms and a dodeling gait. I wanted to scream out for help, to hear my own voice but no sound came out. Not a single syllable came out of my mouth twisted by the horror of my vision. Was it a dream, reality? I was convinced of the truth of my adventure. I felt the terror too deeply, the pain. I almost forgot the enchanting beauty of the place. This bucolic path lined with rhododendrons. These magnificent bushes with multicolored flowers planted in the heather land sheltered from the sun and stuffed with water.

I began to lose my mind, to have an erratic speech. I wanted to remember, and yet I kept going forward, always harder, always faster, always further. I could feel his warm breath in my neck. The danger was real, I was definitely screwed.

I had a wierd and penetrating dream.