Watercolour / Black stone / Gouache – 6,10 x 8,66 inch – Unique work

For her 40th bithday, Maud, recently divorced, decided to go to Venice with Geraldine, her 7-year-old daughter for a few days.

Here they are on the dock of the magic city in the middle of the night, a bag in one hand, and a rough plan in the other with the hotel’s address. Not that easy to find your way in Venice, between culs-de-sac and channels, Maud is quickly lost. If it hadn’t been for the solidarity between tourists!

The young woman has more or less planned essentials visits. A lot of walking in perspective but the weather is nice, that’s a good point. On the morning of the second day, while visiting a museum in one of these old typical houses, Geraldine is having a small talk with an old man with a cane. The smile of the individual chills Maud to the skin. She takes her daughter away and asks her never to talk with a stranger ever again, no matter what the circumstances are. Slightly upset, Geraldine willy-nilly follows her mother through the different rooms. The incident is now over.

The next afternoon, while the mother and daughter are wandering randomly through the alleys, they almost bump into the pervert of the day before. The carnivorous smile in full view … Maud firmly grabs Geraldine’s arm and leads her carefully as far away as possible from this psycho. The child doesn’t get it at once but soon enough. She follows her and even tries to walk faster without protesting. They manage to get rid of him, somehow. They decide to pop in a cafe to recover from their emotions and snack something. They go to the toilet and on their way back … Oh no, he’s here again. But how is it even possible? How …? Without a second thought, here they are again in a frantic speed chase. The idea is to reach the hotel as fast as they can without him on their tail and scaring the seven year old little girl. Fulfilled mission, eventually.

The last day begins awesome: shopping, rides. While boarding, Geraldine turns around one last time, he is still there!