Oil on canvas – 9,45 x 7,48 inch – Unique work

Hello my darling daughter. I am pleased to write you these few words because I long for you. I received your text with your photo taken during your last holidays. In the shade of this huge tree trunk, you look so pale. I am a little bit worried. It even seems to me that you have lost some of your cheeks. Do you eat enough? Do you take the time to take care of yourself between exam revisions?

I wonder if you shouldn’t come back so that I can take care of you properly. But above all tell me if I cross the line that we have you and me invented and drawn over the years. But you see, I have concerns. Yes, yes, I know, I repeat myself. However, this transparent skin color you certainly didn’t have a few months ago. This cadaverous transparency, you scare me. No, I mean it. And yet, you live now in Cannes, hopefully it’s not Lille?

Oh and, I also wanted to tell you how much I love you. How all those years spent together were a sweet journey to paradise. And no, you’re not allowed to tell me that I go too far. Well, I grant you, some days maybe you were slightly painful. I also concede some changing and annoying moods. But you had mitigating factors, studies, break ups, the … you know that thing that hits us over the head every month no matter what!

But I also think of all these many moments shared. Giggles, discoveries, loose plans too. And how you have been my rock during all these years, my soul mate, my alter ego. And wherever you are, whatever I do … I think of you! Well, that reminds me something as well, a brilliant artist Jean-Jacques Goldman if I’m not mistaken.

Together, together, we would climb mountains, cross oceans, eat special treats every day, we would change maps every second, we would never stop dizzying, having fun, making ourselves grow up.

Daffodil, my daughter, how could I live without you? You still have so much to teach me …

Still, you’re really pale in this picture. Answer me ASAP so I’m not more worried.