Inspired by an indo-persane miniature (Daydream – 1627) – Gouache / Watercolor – 12,60 x 9,45 inch

Anahita pricks her cheek with a needle. A pearl of blood runs on her pale cheek.

She just wants to check if it’s a dream or reality. Just a few minutes ago, she stood there, sitting with her mirror in her left hand, checking that her headdress had not slipped. Her fiance should come to see her. She wants to be perfect.

Oh my God, he’s coming. She hears the hooves of his trusty steed trample on the ground and sees a cloud of dust. No doubt, it’s him. Pink very slightly tints her forehead and her chin. Her heart is racing. What will she be able to tell him? She has so little conversation. In fact, that’s what her mother tells her all day long. Also telling her that she is very lucky that a man is interested in her, a good alliance moreover. She’d better not spoil an opportunity such as this one, certainly unique. Oh yes, never again will she have such a serious contender in her life. It is obvious. Physically unprepossessing and a lack of spirit. But who do you hold it from?

Emotion runs high. Anahita straightens just enough and takes a last look at her mirror. The rider and his horse slowed down. They approach delicately the young woman. He gets off his stud and joins her at once. He places one knee on the ground and gently takes her right hand and touches it with his pulpy mouth enhanced with a thin mustache shaved with great care. Anahita is grayed out. The scent of this light perfume that emanates from the armor intoxicates her. Her senses are totally turned upside down. She loses consciousness.

When she opens her eyes, Anahita is laying in her suitor’s arms, comfortably coiled against him, abandoned. She would have liked this moment to last forever. Reclaiming completely her clarity, Anahita stands up and escapes from the grip of the rider, obviously a little eager. Concerned about rumors and especially about her mother’s potential words when she hears from it, her strengths increase. She mumbles a few apologies while blushing with shame. And about him ? He just smiles, gets up and leaves.

Anahita pricks her cheek with a needle. A pearl of blood runs on his pale cheek.