Watercolor – 7,28 x 11,02 inch – Unique work

It’s summer, in the middle of July. Paul has a date with Kate.

In a very small town in the north of France, which responds to the sweet name of Montreuil sur Mer, there is a hotel with an orange-red brick facade. An old, very old establishment which, in its spare time, becomes a timeless bar. The perfect place for unusual encounters, or not. The perfect place for a promising first date, or not. The perfect place for Paul and Kate …

Inside, it’s is very cozy, it feels like Great Britain in a pub near the coast, Brighton? Why not ! Kate’s grandparents are British, which is pretty good. A skillful wink from the young teenager. He asked his big sister for advice the night before. And as these two adore each other, the advice was meaningful!

When Kate arrives in the city, it doesn’t take very long to locate the place. A hotel ? The sign with golden letters leaves no ambiguity on the subject. She panics a little, then pulls herself together. After all, it is a public place and Paul, whom she has seen for the last year now in the schoolyard, would never hurt her. She is a 100 % sure of it.

So, it’s with some concern that Kate pushes the front door. Shyly, she walks over to the bar and sees him, from behind, nervously tapping on his phone. A smile crosses her face furtively. She realizes at that exact moment that Paul is just as worried as she is. She wishes to shorten their mutual suffering and stealthily approaches just behind his back and delicately places both hands in front of his eyes while whispering an unknown hello in his ear, which she mysteriously pronounces, well, it’s supposed to be!

So Paul turns around and smiles back at her. She sits infront of him and each orders a glass of Coke. A safe bet, and enough sugar to avoid any discomfort. Or is it the emotion that intoxicates the senses? Probably.

The two young ones exchange small talks for several hours. Kate doesn’t want to leave this magical place, however. Paul neither. So ? Shall we have dinner?

Therefore, quite naturally, when getting up, we take each other’s hands, and for a long time …