Month: November 2021

Sixth sense

Oil on canvas – 10,5 x 16 inch – Unique work

In real life, it’s not all about the five senses: hearing, smell, sight, touch and taste. There is also something called the sixth sense …

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The Great Horned Owl

Oil on canvas – 9,45 x 11,81 inch – Unique work

The Great Horned Owl … It sounds like the name of a signature dessert!

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Oil on canvas – 16 x 10,5 inch – Unique work

As Paul is in the car with his parents to visit his grandparents in a tiny village in eastern France, he tilts his head slightly to the rear right window and begins to daydream.

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Oil on canvas – 15,75 x 11,81 inch – Unique work

Tonight, it’s the big night. The long-awaited one since his earliest childhood. He is standing behind the scenes, waiting to finally make his entrance. He recalls some sweet and bitter memories.

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Éos and Ruby

Oil on canvas – 11,81 x 15,75 inch – Unique work

It’s freezing to death in the kitchens in winter. Éos tries to get closer to the gas stove which has been running for a few minutes. A dish in the oven, for dinner, presumably given the late hour. It is pitch black, in the basement of the Château de Valençay.

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Oil on canvas – 9,45 x 13 inch – Unique work

Claire looks at herself one last time in the bathroom mirror of this magnificent hotel located in the heart of the city of her dreams, New York. Her blue eyes with just the right amount of mascara are gorgeous. The last little touch …

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