Month: November 2017

The Plague

Inspired by Andrea del Sarto (1486 – 1530) – Young man – Charcoal, White chalk on grey paper – 12,60 x 9,45 inch

Côme crosses paths again with infected people on his way home. He has been recently working in Piero di Cosimo’s painting studio and the way to his parents’ house is long and risky. He walks along the docks and under bridges he meets all the world’s misery dealing with its gaiters and its pustules. He deeply wonders whether he should take a break while the epidemic fades. Thinking back, he should have become a tailor, a family tradition.

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Andrea del Sarto

Andrea del Sarto (July 16, 1486 – September 29, 1530) is an Italian painter of the High Renaissance.

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Villa Stivalis – November 2017

A brand new exhibition for l’Association des Ateliers du Moulin to the Villa Stivalis of Chabris.

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Villa Stivalis – November 2015

Every two years, the Association Les Ateliers du Moulin organises an exhibition at la Villa Stivalis of Chabris.

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