Oil on cardboard – 8 x 8 inch – Unique work

It’s summer, we’re in Sparta, the religious festivities have begun. There’s a lot going on in this heart!

Everyone is gathered in the theater for wild dances and exercises. All these young tulips are one. And yet they are so many in number and variety: Fringed Tulips, Lily Flower Tulips, Acuminata Tulips, Botanical Tulips, Triumph Tulips, Darwin Hybrid Tulips, Viridiflora Tulips… And so many more!

The heroine of the day is a double tulip in orange-red tones. This is her very first year of participation. She is a little, very shy. She stays in her corner. So many people really scares her. She who comes from her small town in the depths of the earth. It’s kind of funny. Her mother had warned her, but being at the center of the event, living it for real, is a whole different matter. If she had known…

She is lost in her thoughts when a yellow fringed tulip jostles her. She would like to get angry, shout, hit but… the smile of the disruptive is so charming that she finds herself disarmed. Why struggle? Maybe, after all, she could have a good time. It was then that she let herself be embarked on the bewitching, intoxicating round that never ceases to grow. She is so so huge.

And she turns, she twirls, she drowns in this frightening botanical bath. It’s who would make the most noise, the most gestures, the most everything and nothing. It’s beyond madness. She could never have imagined such a scene. It is simply unbelievable. After a few hours, she feels light. It is as if she were floating above the city. Because yes, of course, there are far too many of them to be confined within the theatre.

A sudden smell calls her. She then detaches herself from the group, and relies on her sense of smell. All her senses are sharp. And when her nose flexes, she follows her instincts. Could it be that here, somewhere nearby, someone is cooking her favorite dish? It would be just amazing. But yes, as she arrives in an alley and leans toward an open window: stroopwafels have just come out of the oven. Her little weakness. She can’t stand it anymore, she enters the kitchen and…