Oil on wood – 16 x 13 inch – Unique work

What could be more beautiful than a sunset? Perhaps a sunset by the sea?

I am sitting on the dune and I close my eyes slowtly. An iodized smell fills my nostrils. How sweet it is to let yourself dream of a warm summer evening. The last rays of the sun lightly burn my forehead and cheeks. What warmth for the end of August. They even talked about the record on TV the other day. A little freshness in a few minutes and I will finally be able to recharge my batteries, recover gradually from this climatic aggression which has been going on for months now.

I would love to walk along the beach and enjoy the salty water along my calves. But not right now. The view from here is much more beautiful, even breathtaking. It looks like pure gold that disappears behind the horizon line, merges into the vastness of the ocean over there. I would stay there for hours, days, weeks, years. So much serenity coming from this place, infiltrates the ambient air, wins me even into my bones.

Torn in my guts, attacked from the outside, a little softness and warmth cheers me up. Still a little peace, yet a very last look at this daily phenomenon, this eternal restarting going on since the dawn of time. What an incredible magic and immensity too. No way you can fight, nor compete. You just have to let it go. But after all, isn’t it the easiest and most complicated thing to achieve. Finally, as far as I am concerned, the task is far from intuitive.

What else ? What can be going on in my head, my thoughts … Stop! No more thoughts, please. This naturally goes with my remarks above. I stay focused on the basics. That is to say the present time. The unique moment of this sunset. The direct feeling of well-being to my soul.

What if happiness was just that? And if it was enough to take advantage of every second without apprehension or preconceived idea. Pick the day, carpe diem, it works too! So what am I waiting for to get as close to the water as possible? The sun has bowed, at least for today. I take off my shoes and stick my toes into the sand and …