Watercolor / Gouache – 6,10 x 8,66 inch – Unique work

The gate is open, that’s weird. The others didn’t even notice anything, even more weird. Well, considering they are hungry bellies, so no wonder. As long as there is grass to graze, here they go not just once but twice ! And what’s up with my best friend? Oh, he is trying to have a date with Severinette. And there’s a long way to go, she’s a tough one. Hey, I’m on my way. I can’t wait to see where my instinct will lead me.

Be careful, mate, a truck almost flipped you down on the side of the road. You’ll end up in mechoui if you don’t watch after your chops. It’s been two hours since I started running, my fat will melt like snow in the sun. My hooves begin to seriously wear out. And I am like crazy thirsty. I’d better leave the main road to rest, have a drink and eat two or three twigs. Moreover, it will be far less dangerous for my wool.

How far away am I from Scotland? A long time ago, I heard my parents talking to their cousins. Overthere, the grass has a unique flavour, endlessly green meadows, no fences and plenty of water everywhere. On the other hand, it’s raining a lot. A question of habit, they concluded. And what if I went there? I might find family, who knows? I hope I’ll get their accent. Either way, a few nods, a moving tail and boom I’ve won!

Hey, a flock right there at the bottom. I’ll go and ask them my way. You never know, with a little bit of luck, they could show me the right way. That would be nice. Right, I clear my voice, I take a friendly but not pretentious face either. I’m going for it. Surprisingly, they would almost fight to answer me. Unbelievable. The country ones are certainly more friendly than the town ones. I leave them with regret. A tear in the eye, I carry on my journey.

As I drive north, cars are becoming scarce, the temperature has dropped but food and drink are everywhere, good news! A few more days and …

Hi there, my name is Billy, I come from far far away and I would like to stay with you for a while.