Oil on cardboard – 9,5 x 12 inch – Unique work

The Alexandre III Bridge is magnificent. It connects the two banks of Paris: the right bank and the left bank, the Esplanade des Invalides and the Grand Palais and its sidekick, the Petit Palais!

On this bridge: 32 bronze candelabra, 4 fames (arts, sciences, fight and war), groups of lions led by children, and all along, in bronze or copper, Cupids supporting the four lampposts, 4 genies with fish and shells and in the center what particularly interests us in this painting: nymphs.

I stand next to one of them. I am impressed. With its hand, which looks huge, disproportionate, it seems to want to catch something delicately between its index finger and its thumb. Yet but I don’t see anything. No, absolutely nothing. The Seine seems empty of any craft, boat, barge, etc. No, none of that. Or maybe some soul got lost and was on the verge of drowning. Would that be possible ? Or at most concievable?

I take a few steps back. I’m wondering. I look far ahead towards the Eiffel Tower which is a little further away on the left but you won’t see it in this painting. You’ll have to take my word for it! I’m looking for a clue, a rational explanation. This is who I am. And at the same time, I like to believe in the invisible, in intangible energy, in synchronicity too. Why am I here? The question of the day. A coincidence ? A fate ? Because the weather is nice and I wanted to visit Paris and particularly cross this bridge.

What if this bridge, this nymph, this hand all together were there only to allow me to paint this canvas for you. And while watching it I imagine a whole bunch of stories. I have a head full of stories. I like to write stories about each of my paintings. I write them for you and also to tell you that you can imagine your own story too. Maybe it will remind you of a good memory or cause an, as yet unknown, emotion. Who knows !

This outstretched hand is also mine to seize the present moment and let myself be guided towards my fate fully confident. The future belongs to us.