Oil on cardboard – 9,5 x 7 inch – Unique work

We decided to have a little girls’ weekend in Amsterdam. Mid-June should be ideal for good weather. We booked a small boathouse very close to the center with a parking space. Because, yes, we took the car, unfortunately so much cheaper than the train for two people. After a chaotic night, to make a long story short, we slept barely three hours, here we are on the road at 7 a.m. The weather is nice, that’s good news. Should I mention a problem with the tires that had to be re-inflated urgently?! Or this gas station, the last in France before Belgium, whose toilets were out of order?! We arrive at our destination early in the afternoon.

Luckily my daughter knows how to use Google maps, we find our way among magnificent houses by the water very quickly. A haven of peace calling into question where we live currently. We take a bus, then the metro. One station later we reach the central station. And from there, we know our way well. It’s not our first time here, we’re comfortable, with our little habits. We go directly to the American bookstore. A magical place that extends over two floors. We make purchases there and enjoy looking at the books. Then, it’s the turn of the English bookstore, located just opposite. Don’t ask me how many floors, I stopped counting as I climbed the steps! We were looking for a specific book, but it wasn’t there either. Later, we will find it at the Station Relay : The Bookshop Woman by Nanako Hanada. Yet, another third and final bookstore for the day, still in English, in which we love the concept “A blind date with a book”. A book bought “blind” wrapped in craft paper on which a few words are written to describe it. That’s all. It’s both a surprise and an opportunity to read a new author.

The weather is getting darker, the clouds are rolling in, the rain is falling. We will come back for good weather, obviously. To the way to the station it’s really raining cats and dogs. We try to shelter ourselves. The wind blows so hard that the umbrella is useless. We would be flying like Mary Poppins!
Let’s go, one last stop at the Relay and back to the car.