Oil on cardboard – 9,5 x 7 inch – Unique work

We decided to have a little girls’ weekend in Amsterdam. Mid-June should be ideal for good weather. We booked a small boathouse very close to the center with a parking space. Because, yes, we took the car, unfortunately so much cheaper than the train for two people. After a chaotic night, to make a long story short, we slept barely three hours, here we are on the road at 7 a.m. The weather is nice, that’s good news. Should I mention a problem with the tires that had to be re-inflated urgently?! Or this gas station, the last in France before Belgium, whose toilets were out of order?! We arrive at our destination early in the afternoon.

The weather is holding up, more or less. For good weather we will have to come back next year! We exit the Central Station metro station and begin our walk through the narrow, cannabis-scented streets. Brief aside, I will never get used to this acrid and nauseating smell. Along the Spui straat, booths are set up. It looks like a flea market, there are even groups of old singers having a blast. It’s very joyful.

We have one goal: find cool clothes in second-hand stores like Episode, Vintage, etc. So, we go in, we search, well my daughter searches and we come out empty handed! It must be said that the weather doesn’t help and personally, I never manage to find anything. I always need help ! After 4 different stores, we give up.

We know a perfect place to enjoy crazy pancakes. It is Pancakes Amsterdam Negen Straatjes at 38 Berenstraat. We order a « salty » pancake each to share: one with smoked salmon, leek, Japanese mayonnaise and another one with spinach, mushrooms, leek, paprika and pesto. And for dessert: a pancake with lemon curd, meringue and cookie crumble.

The weather is getting darker, the clouds are rolling in, the rain is falling. We will come back for good weather, obviously. To the way to the station it’s really raining cats and dogs. We try to shelter ourselves. The wind blows so hard that the umbrella is useless. We would be flying like Mary Poppins!
Let’s go back to the car before we drown.